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Claybook is a unique physics driven game, where all the objects act like they were made out of real clay. Players can shape and mold the clay and solve unique puzzles. Every shape the players will create has strenghts, weaknesses or super powers. It is possible to deform, destroy, melt or freeze the clay. If players feel lonesome in the single player mode, they can join with friends in local multiplayer or create completely new chapters. The game was announced on May 11th, 2017 by Second Order, an independent game studio hailing from Helsinki, Finland.


Claybook-screenshot.png Claybook-screenshots-1.png Claybook-screenshots-2.png Claybook-screenshots.png

Developer: Second Order, Helsinki, Finland
Official game site: Claybook
Release Date: 18 October, 2017
Platforms: Xbox® One, PlayStation® 4 and PC
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
System Requirements: To be announced

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